Just One Drop

A drip of water from the faucetI recently had the opportunity to hear a minister speak to a large group of boy scouts at a Sunday morning worship service. The speaker began with letting one drop of water fall from a standard dropper. As it fell he asked those watching about how much power that one drop of water has. He was met with some chuckles, laughter and a few sarcastic comments that all sent the message – one drop of water doesn’t do much.

He then shifted the conversation a bit and asked the crowd to imagine not just one drop, but hundreds of drops of water. Then perhaps thousands – and then millions and billions of individual drops working in unison. Picture rain drops falling and collecting to a flood that rushes through unnatural areas. Think of the power that a river possesses as it moves swiftly along its course. Imagine the power of a tidal wave as it starts small and builds to significant magnitude. One drop of water cannot do this but many drops working together in unison hold great power.

The same is true for us. Just like that one drop, one person works hard trying to make a difference. That one person can accomplish good things – but look at the power that many people together can hold. Consider the impact if we all work together toward a common goal. Think of the current generated by common goals. Imagine the flood of positive action and the tidal wave of change if we all work together.

Joining in unison with others toward common goals and objectives can create the power for significant change. The Boys and Girls Homes family works collectively to make futures brighter for the children in our care. Let’s all join together to make a difference for children!

Ray Cockrell is the Vice President for Development at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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