Passion vs. Benefit 

You could feel the tension filling the room as the discussion turned to the new tax act responsible for the broadest changes to our tax code since the mid 1980’s.

“We could to see a drastic downturn in donations.” 

“People won’t give as much with the decrease in tax benefits.”

“We need to cut our programs!”

Listening to the wide spread speculation about how the new tax laws will impact charitable giving is enough to send any nonprofit into a panic. It is true that the new tax law will have some effect on the number of individuals who will actually itemize their deductions for 2018.

If the economic benefit Board room discussionsof making a charitable donation were the only motivating factor in making a gift, I would agree that it could have implications for the non-profit sector. Yet I truly believe when someone believes passionately about a cause or organization, they will provide support regardless of the tax or economic benefit of making that gift. I believe that the majority of the supporters to Boys and Girls Homes are in this category. Our friends believe in our mission and have a passion for supporting the children in our care.

Sara is a great example of that passion for supporting children. She recently reached out to Boys and Girls Homes wanting to learn more about our work. She came to campus, toured our facilities, met with some of the staff and some of the residents, and walked away with a newfound love for our work and our organization. A number of additional visits and conversations led Sara to make a special donation to Boys and Girls Homes. Sara did not make this contribution because of the tax benefit she may be entitled to. She made the gift because of the heart-warming passion she has found for the children in our care and our program to make their futures brighter.

Thank you for your passion! It is that belief in the children that provides the necessary support to make our work possible. Thank you for loving our children!!

Ray Cockrell is the Vice President for Development at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina.

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