What are schools?

Students at a tableSchools are not "holding pens" where we place children so that they are out of the way for the day.

Schools are places where children learn how to interact in a positive manner. Children learn what behavior is expected in the work place. At Thomas Academy, we establish an expectation of respectful interactions with staff and fellow students. Students achieve different behavior levels resulting in different privileges. Something as simple as earning the privilege to wear jeans instead of uniform pants every Friday serves as the motivation to help our youth understand the importance of positive, respectful behavior.

School is where children who previously had no dreams dare to dream.

School is where generational curses are broken. Thomas Academy staff works hard with the children to break the educational cycle that has left them behind. We know that it takes three generations to ensure that the educational benefits are established within a family.

Schools are where teachers show up everyday, not to babysit, but to show children love. Teachers show up to give children hope and assist them in developing dreams and goals. 

For some, school is the ONLY WAY OUT!

Geraldine Bradshaw, Ed.D., is the Director of Thomas Academy, a public charter school.

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