Why are we here?

Some days are draining at work, especially when you are one of the only sane voices for the little people who have no choice to be in their positions.

Everyone says, things happen for a reason, but I often cannot fathom the reason my little kiddos go through what they do.

Some days are easier than others and, for some reason, today was tough, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the amount of toughness that my kiddos go through. 

Smiling girl playing tug of war with her friendsDespite what they go through, despite the amount of losses or trauma they endure, and regardless of the multiple moves throughout their short life spans, they are resilient and strong and make it through!

On another note, kudos to the foster parents who stick it out through thick and thin and don’t bat an eye at giving the children what they need – continuous love, guidance, patience, and safety. 

Despite all the classes, training, and endless hours of supervision, nothing could have prepared me for how cruel the world can be at times. Most importantly, no one could have ever taught me what my kiddos teach me daily.

If I could ever be half as strong as they are on a daily basis, I would be unstoppable!

Courtney Allen is a Therapeutic Foster Care Supervisor with Boys and Girls Homes of NC.

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