Why do you show up?

Why do you show up...

…when you’re so tired your brain says "Stay Home You Just Left There"?

Why do you show up...

 …when you know that you will never get accomplished what is on your "To Do List"?

Why do you show up...

 …when your body aches so bad you are not sure which area to pray for?


Teenagers in a classroom study groupThe CHILDREN…

…that is why you show up.


At Thomas Academy, we have to be the ones to go the extra mile. The children are counting on us and our stability. We have become the PEOPLE THEY CAN COUNT ON IN THEIR LIVES.

We’re some of the important people who are responsible for what their lives will look like, so there is not time for self-consideration. The only consideration is how many children are counting on US to show up today!!!

We are showing up not only for the children before us, but their children’s children’s children.


We show up, striving every day to guide these children to break the educational cycle that has left them behind. We know that it takes three generations to ensure that the educational benefits are established within a family.


This is why WE SHOW UP!


Geraldine Bradshaw, Ed.D., is the Director of Thomas Academy, a public charter school.


Learn more about the Thomas Academy educational experience.


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