Ashlynn Campbell was honored for five years of service to Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina. Here are her reflections on her experience.

Ashlynn Campbell

1. What is your favorite part of your job at B&GH?

Working with the children and foster parents. The families actually become your family! Being able to see the difference in the children's lives and how the foster and birth families come together and have a life long friendship for the children!


2. During your time at B&GH, what are some of the changes you have seen?

The success and growth in the agency, and the tons of resources that have become available to our children, foster parents and now with our new program Success Coach, biological parents!


3. What makes B&GH special to you?

I remember my first State of the Homes and how we started and ended with prayer, and watching everyone's expressions as birthday celebrations were held. All I can remember saying is this is where I am supposed to be! The absolute best part I would have to say is having a front row seat to the amazing work God does daily!