The COVID-19 version of the Coronavirus is a rapidly changing and evolving concern for many in our community. Our number one priority is the safety of our children. With this as our focus, several steps have been taken to protect the children and staff. These include:

  • For the immediate future, B&GH will restrict on-campus group meetings and off-campus group activities. 
  • As of March 25, we are closing the campus to visitors. All gates will be closed until further notice. Anyone needing to get to campus will need to go to the main office to express their need.
  • For those visitors who are not permitted to come to campus, we will be happy to work with anyone to allow video and tele-conferencing options.
  • Thomas Academy is closed per the Governor's order. Student supports are in place and frequent communications are being shared with the students and their families through the Thomas Academy Facebook Page and the REMIND app as well as the Thomas Academy website.
  • The Country Store will reopen for sales on June 10 with specific guidelines and restrictions in place. See the guidelines on our Country Store page.
  • All employees are encouraged to practice social distancing and safe personal practices.

The B&GH Executive Team is monitoring this evolving situation and are providing frequent communications to campus. Those memos can be found in their entirety on our news page.

You can still contact our staff in a variety of ways including phone (910-646-3083) or email. Below are several of the key contacts. The name links directly to their email.

Executive Office Manager - Sharon Connor

Development Office Manager - Johnna Harrelson

Residential Services Office Manager - Crystal Coyle

Community-Based Services Administrative Assistant - Amber Morgan

Director of Civic Club Relations - Mason Smith

Director of Public Relations & Marketing - Melissa Hopkins

Continuing updates from campus will be provided on all B&GH social media channels including video messages (See links below).

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