The North Carolina Extension and Community Association played a special role in the development of B&GH. Their efforts supported the organization's decision to bring girls to the Lake Waccamaw campus in the 1990s and furthered its ability to open both Wakefield and Stango cottages.

Today, ECA members visit campus on a regular basis and provide items to meet the everyday needs of the children.

The mission of the NCECA is to strengthen families and communities through leadership development, community action, and educational support. We strive to empower individuals and families to improve their quality of living through our mission. What better way to achieve our mission than by supporting B&GH? For more than 40 years, ECA has supported B&GH as they offer hope and healing to children and families in crisis by addressing their physical, emotional, social, educational and spiritual development. I believe to empower our young people to make changes in their lives, they need to first make changes in what they believe about themselves.” - Wanda Denning, NCECA State President 2013-15


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