Thanks to the partnership with Civitans, the first cottage at B&GH opened in 1958.

The Civitans of North Carolina make individual member and club visits with the children in the Civitan Cottage, and occasionally host them on fun and educational trips off-campus. They make personal and club contributions and assist in refurbishing and replacing items for the cottage when needed. Civitan clubs across North Carolina have joined together to ensure in the future of the cottage so that children will always have the opportunity to call Civitan Cottage their home.

“Having the Civitan Cottage on campus is very special to us. It gives Civitans the feeling that this home is ours and therefore we must help look after this home for future generations. It helps to remind us of the work that Civitans did in 1958 to build the first cottage on campus, but reminds us that our work is never done. There are and will continue to be children who need our help.” – Harriett Covington, PDG, Civitan East Representative 

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 Civitan Cottage at Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina