Life Income Gifts - Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is a gift vehicle that will return income to you and/or a loved-one for life.  You can fund a CGA with cash or property.  In addition to an immediate income tax deduction, you will receive a quarterly distribution, a portion of which is tax-free.  The amount of the payment will be determined by the value of the CGA and your age.  You can have a single-life CGA which makes payments only to you, or you can have a double-life CGA that will make payments to you and a loved-one, or someone you designate.  Ultimately the remainder of the CGA will pass to Boys and Girls Homes without probate fees or estate taxes. 

Meet Pam


Pam is 73 years old.  She is enjoying her retirement years.  Pam has always had a great love for the work at Boys and Girls Homes and has been a supporter for many years.  She often wishes she could make a larger, more significant gift than she has been able to.


Pam is concerned about the declining numbers in her bank accounts - money she and her husband worked hard to save for retirement. 


Pam’s solution: A Boys and Girls Homes Charitable Gift Annuity.  Shown in the example above, Pam will fund a Gift Annuity with $10,000.  She will take an immediate income tax deduction of $3,271.10 and will receive $620 annually for life - most of which is tax-free.  Ultimately the remaining principal will go to support the work of Boys and Girls Homes.


Example based on rates in effect as of January 1, 2012
Unchanged as of April 5, 2016