Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters, the school was debt free at the time of the dedication ceremony Sept. 13, 2016.

When children arrive at Boys and Girls Homes, they are typically behind academically 2 - 3 grade levels if they have been going to school at all. To accommodate the needs of these "at-promise" students, B&GH has recognized the need for immediate expansion of the educational facilities on campus. The Anthony J. Brill Middle School construction took just under a year from groundbreaking to holding classes. Funding is still needed for the behavioral specialist and the furnishings.

Brill Middle School Classroom

The Anthony J. Brill Middle School, as a part of Thomas Academy, provides a very specialized education with a commitment to students that includes small class sizes, individualized prescriptive instruction, integrated diagnostic and clinical services to address the student's emotional and behavioral problems, a year round instructional program, and a rich array of fine and practical arts.

These pieces work together to help students:

  • Get back on grade level
  • Obtain vocational technical training to promote employment
  • Break the cycles of abuse, neglect, poverty and welfare to produce young men and women who will be productive citizens; and
  • Prepare for post secondary education and/or vocational training following high school graduation.

In addition to providing educational opportunities to residents of B&GH, Thomas Academy has received a large response from the surrounding community and in the 2015-2016 school year had 42 community students enrolled. These community students are children who have academic and behavioral challenges that make learning in the traditional public school system difficult. However, because of its individualized approach to education, Thomas Academy has given these students an opportunity to stay in and be successful in school.