In the rapidly changing information technology field, Boys and Girls Homes has made a commitment to bring the campus up to date. This is necessary to meet the demands of governmental reporting to meet state and federal guidelines.

To meet this commitment, the Information Technology (IT) staff has determined that there are three key components to address: connectivity, anti-virus protection and computers.

Connectivity:Antennae for IT Connectivity
To meet the campus wide connectivity needs for each building on campus, 5 outdoor antennas with five year cloud based controllers and two sector antenna attachments are needed. Five licenses are also required. The research led to the Meraki MR62 Outdoor Antenna package. The total cost for the sets is $5,900.

Particular to Flemington Academy and Brill Middle School at Flemington Academy, the infrastructure is needed to address the cable and enterprise level wireless connectivity. The cost for this additional infrastructure is $10,000.

An incident in the spring of 2015 indicated how vulnerable the campus is to a virus and malware attack, with email shut down for more than a week for the entire campus. Currently, the campus utilizes the free Microsoft Anti-Spyware package. The ESET Anti-virus/Anti Malware and SPyware Corporate Endpoint Protection 3 year package provides the best campus wide protection for the price. The total to cover all 170 computers on campus including Flemington Academy is $3,500.

Computer Tower with Monitor determined to be best for school's needsTo meet the particular needs of Flemington Academy, a purchase of 25 desktop computers in needed to complete the computer labs. After researching the possibilities, IT selected the Lenovo H50-90B7005CUS Desktop and 23" LED HD Monitor. This model has a 1TB hard drive with multiple USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports to allow quick data transfers. The package also includes a DVD-RW/CD-RW drive, Intel HD Graphics 4400, USB keyboard and mouse. Total cost for all 25 computers is $15,000.

The total cost comes to $34,400.