Thanks to the generous support provided through the For the Love of Kids Capital Campaign, phase one of the paving has been completed at the Leamon Rogers Memorial Chapel.

Leamon Rogers Memorial Chapel paved parking lot

But there are two primary parking areas on campus that remain gravel rather than paved surfaces: the Solomon Assessment Center and the Maintenance Yard. These areas are routinely covered through a crush and run procedure every three to four months. This becomes a recurring expense both for the supplies and in staff time to coordinate and oversee the process.

Solomon Parking Lot flooded the day after a storm

The gravel near the Solomon Assessment Center has a greater impact on our newest residents. When a new resident arrives, they are taken to the Solomon Assessment Center in order to determine the best treatment plans available. Having a gravel lot gives a less than ideal first impression for these residents who are often coming from troubling situations. We want to provide the positive first impression that quietly reinforces the "Beauty is a silent teacher" philosophy.

The maintenance parking area has less of a public facing issue and more of a functionality issue. In addition to the crush and run material put down with each pass, as rain and weather come through, the run off from the other areas consolidates at the edges of the maintenance area, creating additional hazards.

The paving of these two areas will provide for safer movement while also sending the message that we care about the general appearance of our campus and the home we are providing for the children.

The estimated cost to pave these three areas is $150,000.