“Boys Home saved his life and provided the foundation for Mike to grow up to help others.”Kelly and Mike Delk

Kelly Delk on her husband, alumnus Mike Delk

Following his time as a boy at what was then Boys Home, Mike Delk went on to serve in the military and in government. His wife Kelly is also a retired veteran and government worker. Together, they are now working to fulfill a dream to serve others much like the dream that created Boys and Girls Homes.

“For the past decade we have been doing things to help veterans,” said Kelly. “It has been our dream to start a facility to help veterans transition back into civilian life.”

The Warrior Refuge is the name of the nonprofit organization the couple is working to turn into a full facility to help prevent the staggering number of veteran suicides happening on a daily basis.

“The month-long program will provide medical and psychological evaluations and programs to help veterans stabilize as they transition from active-duty to civilian life,” Kelly said.

They are working to create barracks for the veterans. The program will also include a mess hall for the veterans to work in that will be a free food restaurant open to the public Thursday through Sunday.

The multi-phase project will eventually include a shooting range and church on site to go along with the veterans being served.


In September 2019, the couple provided an update on The Warrior Refuge Facebook page sharing that due to his disabled veteran status, the nonprofit status was not granted. The couple will continue to help veterans on a private basis.

"We have such an overwhelming number of veterans who need help," Kelly wrote. "We will never stop helping our veterans. What most don't understand is that combat changes a veteran forever. Regardless of how mentally strong a person may be, once a person experiences combat, they are never the same."

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