Thomas Academy receives Chromebooks from Technology for the Future

September 8, 2020

Lake Waccamaw, NC – When Thomas Academy made plans to reopen for fall semester with pandemic protocols in place, the decision to utilize a hybrid model of instruction was made easier thanks to a partnership with Technology for the Future.

“Because we were able to connect with Technology for the Future, we are able to provide Chromebooks to all students for the virtual learning process,” said Dr. Tom Simmons, vice president for education.

The Chromebooks were received in two shipments from the non-profit based in High Point. The first shipment was provided to the high school students with the second shipment designated for the middle school students.

“It was important to us that the students understand that we are serious about virtual learning this semester,” said Principal George Ward. “Being able to provide this technology support to all of our students allows them to be on an even playing field for learning.”

Leveling the playing field is a goal for the Operation Dream Force initiative at Technology for the Future.

“Technology is a gateway for students to achieve their dreams,” said Technology for the Future Chairman and Founder Adrian Martinca. “Without technology these students are missing opportunities. We want to make sure that all students have the technology to achieve their goals.”

Martinca started helping bridge the digital divide at the young age of 13. He started his own tech company, A.M.-Technologies, to support his parent’s businesses, which quickly expanded to helping thousands of other people and organizations.

 “In that process, I found out that access to technology is out of reach for many,” said Martinca. “Yet, it is the key to our potential, and has been a great asset to help me to achieve my dream. My dream and purpose is to ensure all people have equal access to technology, and it was suggested to me that a community based effort could help me accomplish that dream.  So, in 2016, I founded a nonprofit, Technology for the Future, to help equalize the playing field and bring together resources so everyone has equal access to technology.”

Since that time, Technology for the Future has built a foundation of relationships which allow them to source technology from across the world. This global supply chain is especially important right now when so many schools are going to virtual learning in reaction to the pandemic.

“The Thomas Academy shipment came from different schools and organizations from the United States and Canada,” Martinca said. “Those organizations were upgrading and the Chromebooks were actually going to be outbound for use in other countries, but through the relationships I have built, I was able to get them and redirect them back for use in the United States.”

Technology for the Future’s current focus is to provide at least 1 million students with computers. To learn more about this initiative, visit their website at


About Technology for the Future

Technology for the Future is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit based in North Carolina. Their programs are available across the United States and Canada. The intention of the non-profit is to create a sustainable global infrastructure to provide equal access to technology for all students, families, and organizations. For more information, visit


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