Boys and Girls Homes continues services to children, families

April 22, 2020

Lake Waccamaw, NC – In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina continues to provide services to children and families.

“Boys and Girls Homes is an essential business, but that does not mean that we have continued business as usual,” said President Gary Faircloth. “In early March we started taking steps to maintain organizational operations while keeping those in our care safe.”

Campus visits and special events were postponed, but supporters remain connected to the youth. These efforts included the donation of board games, video games, and other items to keep the youth entertained during this period of physical distancing.

“This support continues to demonstrate to our youth that they are not alone,” Faircloth said. “They see that there are people outside of these cottages, and outside this campus, that care about them even during this time of uncertainty.”

The need to care for youth is as great as ever.

“Boys and Girls Homes continues to be committed to providing a safe place for children,” said Steven Stewart, interim vice president for residential services. “In that belief, Residential staff continue to work with our children to meet their individual needs.”

This includes providing more opportunities for bike riding, sidewalk chalk drawing, tennis, football throwing, Frisbee golf and fishing trips to the lake for the youth. Staff are trying to make the most of the spring weather while maintaining physical distance in the midst of the pandemic.

B&GH continues to admit children into the residential program, utilizing a quarantine protocol developed in line with government and local health department recommendations as well as input from staff to ensure that all residents and staff are kept as safe as possible.

“There are so many people who I am very proud of and thankful for as we have taken this step into the unknown,” said Stewart. “Our commitment to children continues even as we have to change to meet these new challenges during this pandemic.”

While the youth are the primary focus, the safety and wellbeing of the staff are also a top priority.

“We are sensitive to the needs of our staff and their families,” said Faircloth. “We have created systems that provide our support staff with the flexibility to work from home where practical. For other staff, we are providing flexible hours to allow them to handle their family needs during these uncertain times.”

As an ever-evolving situation, leadership continued to have regular discussions to determine next steps.

“All of these decisions are being made with the safety of the children and staff in mind,” said Faircloth. “We have created a reserve force with those workers who are staying at home.  They will be available to provide relief care for the children should the coronavirus come to the campus.”

About Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina

Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, Inc., has been helping children since 1954. Since then, more than 7,500 children have benefitted from the services of the not-for-profit, 501(c)3 agency. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive array of services for children and youth who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or other family dysfunction. B&GH offers adoption, family and therapeutic foster care, free children’s therapy, as well as residential care on the campus at Lake Waccamaw. The campus features a SACS-accredited school with a middle and high school curriculum, vocational education, recreation facilities, farm, chapel and cottage life. As many as 320 vulnerable children are cared for through the residential, community-based services, and school program provided by B&GH at any given time. B&GH operates its program, services and activities in compliance with federal nondiscrimination laws. B&GH is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation.