March 31, 2020 Campus Update

With the Governor’s stay at home order in effect, Boys and Girls Homes remains open as an essential business. Vulnerable children still need care and our staff remains committed to ensuring their physical and emotional safety.

We continue to bring new children into care even as the COVID-19 restrictions grow.  Processes have been put in place on campus to keep the children safe.

At the same time, we are sensitive to the needs of our staff and their families. We have created systems that provide our support staff with the flexibility to work from home where practical. For other staff, we are providing flexible hours to allow them to handle their family needs during these uncertain times.

All of these decisions are being made with the safety of the children and staff in mind. We have created a reserve force with those workers who are staying at home.  They will be available to provide relief care for the children should the coronavirus come to the campus.

During this time, we ask for your continued prayers and support.