Ray CockrellWe are truly blessed to have so many great friends who support our children. You have heard me say more than once that there are very powerful tools available to provide support for the children and realize personal benefits at the same time.

Making a gift of stock is one such vehicle. Given the dramatic swings of the stock market over the last few years, you may find that some of your assets may have appreciated (increased in value) considerably. You are also likely aware that when you sell these appreciated assets, you will owe a “capital gains” tax on that increase.

If you are thinking of exploring ways to support B&GH financially, you may want to consider a donation of appreciated stock as an option. When you donate stock or another appreciated asset, you can avoid the capital gains tax that would be due on any increase in the value, and you may be eligible for a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift.

We recently lost a very special friend of the children. She gave her first gift of $15 to B&GH over 30 years ago. She maintained her support over the years and was especially generous for the last 10 years, making several gifts of appreciated stock. On the same day President Gary heard that she was not doing well, I received a call from her financial advisor indicating she had directed another gift of stock to be made to the children. Even in her final days she was thinking of the children!

If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a child while avoiding capital gains tax, reducing your estate, and being eligible for a charitable deduction, please contact me so we can discuss further. The enclosed brochure will also share more detail about this wonderful gift vehicle.

As always, I stand ready to help where you need me. Thank you for loving our children!

Ray Cockrell, CFP®
Vice President, Development
Planned Giving & Major Gifts
910-646-3083 ext. 204

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