Dr. Mason SmithI remember a local story that’s never been forgotten about Mr. A. D, Peacock, founder of Boys Home. It was passed down by many folks from days gone by who were struck by his ingenuity and, dare I say, audacity. As the story goes, Mr. Peacock would frequently attend the tobacco auctions. What a sight and sound that must have been, with the distinct aroma of dried leaves and hustling people filling the air. The sound of the auctioneer echoed in the background as graders inspected leaves with keen eyes. Bundles of leaves tied together, called hands, were everywhere. If a hand happened to fall to the ground and be overlooked or forgotten, Peacock would not let it go to waste. He would swoop in and collect the hand of tobacco, making his own pile to be sold. These stray hands, when gathered together, became a real source of income!

Today most of us don’t deal in tobacco auctions; however, we have our own kind of “stray hands” laying about. A few extra dollars here, a gently used coat there, we often have leftovers and additional resources that we might overlook. These stray hands, when entrusted to Boys and Girls Homes, can really add up. Whether it be a few extra dollars in your account at the end of the month, or the items left over from your big yard sale, we are blessed to be able to receive your “extra” and allow it to add up to a big difference in the lives of children.

We are so thankful for what members of our civic clubs share with our precious children! What may seem like a little to you can actually add up significantly when everyone shares their “stray hands.”

Mason Smith
Director of Civic Club Development
910-646-3083 ext. 241

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