Victaulic partnership informational meetingFor children served through Boys and Girls Homes, there is often a question about what happens after graduation from high school. Thanks to a recent partnership with Victaulic, a manufacturer located in Leland, our youth have a new opportunity.

“Victaulic has offered us a direct pathway to employment for our youth who are 18 years of age,” said Ian Callahan, director of transitional living. “This great opportunity offers our kids a job that will teach them skills that will lead them into a more stable economic future. The jobs also offer a real livable wage with the chance to reach higher positions within the company.”

Victaulic of Leland, led by plant manager Mike Reives, makes commercial fire suppressive systems for companies worldwide. They operate 24 hours per day. Founded in 1919, the company has more than 4,000 employees worldwide with more than 50 global facilities.

“This partnership will most definitely provide another opportunity for our kids who are aging out of the system, and are looking for a career that is outside of the normal college path,” Callahan said. “Kids these days are not always ready or sure they want to go to college directly after high school.”

With the partnership only a few months old, two youth have already taken advantage of the opportunity.

“Both boys have experienced a real world working environment so quickly after graduation that emphasizes how well prepared they are to be out in the working world,” said President Gary Faircloth. “We are grateful that the leadership at Victaulic recognize the opportunity for our youth to provide a benefit to their workforce as well.”

Callahan agrees that the benefits go both ways.

“With the opportunity to gain real employment skills and make a good wage, these workers and those that follow will have a better chance of meeting true success after leaving the foster care system,” Callahan said. “We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this effort.”

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