The Janet Mitchell Winstead LAKE Houses I & II are trauma-focused, Sanctuary certified temporary lodging for girls who are in the custody of DSS and are pregnant or parenting a child.

Beds are currently available.

In the LAKE Houses, mom and baby stay together, and mom learns how to be a parent. The living space operates on a predictable schedule with time for education, independent living skills, parenting skills, and therapeutic sessions to address behaviors stemming from the underlying trauma associated with abuse and neglect.

Staff is present 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide care.

2017 Lake House StaffThe LAKE Houses provide a private mother-child suite for each teen mother that is fully furnished with a bed, a crib, a changing table and dressers in which to place clothing and personal items.

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During their stay, the mothers will be exposed to different skill trainings and groups to prepare them for life beyond the house. These efforts include:

  • Skill Groups
  • Community Partner Groups
  • Parenting Class for Teen Mothers
  • Recreational Therapy

The goals are to keep the new baby out of the foster care system and teach the new mother how to provide a safe, secure and loving environment for their child to grow up in. A further goal is to teach the mother independent living skills so she will not become dependent on public assistance.

In addition to independent living skills, the mothers have the opportunity continue their education, either through the on-campus public charter school (Thomas Academy) or Southeastern Community College.

A donation closet of supplies is maintained for the residents of The LAKE House. This includes diapers, wipes, clothes, blankets, bottles, pacifiers and other general supplies. To make a donation, please contact Doreen Williams at 910-646-3083 ext. 293 or call The Lake House at 910-646-2235.

Janet Mitchell Winstead Lake House 1

Janet Mitchell Winstead Lake House 2