Sheryl Metzger was honored for 10 years of service to Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina. Here are her reflections on her experience.

Sheryl Metzger“Hello, my name is Sheryl Metzger. I started at B&GH NC in November of 2010. I was brought here from Billings, Montana to help the organization develop a program for the needs of kids that we are now serving. Kids we were unable to serve in the past due to therapeutic needs and a higher level of care. With them bringing me on, we were able to expand our services and able to address those needs of those children. We’ve been able to have a very good success rate in that and that program has flourished and grown.

“Within my tenure here, at 10 years now, I have been the supervisor over Solomon Assessment Center. I then was the Director of Training for a couple years. And now I have been promoted to a position of Admissions so that we can bring in the kids, work with their social workers, and continue to develop the relationships that I have made over the years with these people in order to help us serve the needs of kids.

“Things I’ve seen change over my tenure here is we have very much went to more a therapeutic approach. In years past, Boys and Girls Home was seen as more as an orphanage. And now the goal is always to get the children back with their family, which we didn’t have the option of that years ago. So we’ve added therapists. We’ve added doctors. Our staff are very educated. We have a structured milieu. And we do things that will help a child be successful with the goal of helping the family to return them back home.

“What makes B&GH pretty special to me is during my time here I moved here from a long way away and I’ve become very, very ill a couple of times. B&GH has supported me, taken care of me. The kids have done a lot of things for me and made me pictures, but the administration here stood by my side, made sure I was okay, knowing all my family was 2,300 miles away and I was by myself. They definitely made me feel like I was in a family and taken care of.

“What makes me continue to want to stay at B&GH is the fact that we have the right people in the right place. That we continue to grow to meet the needs of the children before us. Those are constantly changing and we are open to the idea and willing to learn. We remain teachable so we can continue to grow and meet the needs of these youth in our community and across the state of North Carolina.”